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Other E60 models and engines may differ. Not sure which engine your BMW has? Use our realoem. Get my BMW engine model number. Unlike many of the BMW repairs we cover, belt and pulley squeal is simple to identify without the need of any fancy diagnostic equipment. You can hear it from 50 feet away; that embarrassing nerve grating squeal from under your hood that sounds like finger nails scraping on a chalkboard. The sound is a clear indication that your vehicle may require a belt and pulley repair.

As the tensioner and idler pulleys begin to age, their internal bearings start to fail emitting an annoying squeak. The pulleys should be replaced as soon as possible at the first signs of wear. A failed pulley can seize up precipitating the accessory belt to break and possibly causing catastrophic engine damage. The AC tensioner pulley is located at the bottom of the engine and is responsible for keeping the air conditioning drive belt spinning the ac compressor.

Just like the accessory belt tensioner, it is susceptible to internal bearing failure and should always be replaced as well. The following video is what it sounds like on our i E60 repair car: When performing a BMW E60 belt tensioner replacement, it is also good practice to replace the two drive belts. The main accessory belt, or serpentine belt, on your BMW E60 serves the critical function of operating your alternator, water pump, and power steering pump.

As these belts age they become worn.

bmw e60 tcu replacement

A broken main accessory belt can quickly cause catastrophic engine failure due to overheating. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the following BMW M54 engine diagram showing the location of the belts and pulleys that need to be replaced. Please note that this repair article deals with the BMW M54 engine with a mechanical accessory belt tensioner. The mechanical belt tensioner was later replaced with the updated, more reliable hydraulic belt tensioner.

If you want to upgrade your mechanical belt tensioner with the newer hydraulic version during this repair, there is a very simple kit you can purchase to do this. We have provided a link to the kit in the parts section below for your convenience.

This repair is for the BMW M54 six cylinder engine that uses a mechanical main accessory belt tensioner pulley not the hydraulic. If you are not sure which main accessory belt tensioner pulley you have, please see our discussion above. If you have a mechanical tensioner pulley and would like to convert it to the more reliable hydraulic version, please see our parts list below to order a conversion kit.

Tensioner and idler pulleys mechanical required — You will need to purchase a main accessory tensioner pulley mechanicalan AC tensioner pulley and an idler pulley to complete this repair. If you would like to convert your mechanical main accessory pulley to hydraulic, please see part 3 below. If you already have a hydraulic accessory belt tensioner installed on your vehicle and need to replace it, please see part 4 below. Drive belts required — Even if you have recently replaced them, we suggest replacing them again when servicing your pulleys.

Hydraulic accessory belt tensioner conversion kit optional — If you would like to upgrade your mechanical belt tensioner to the hydraulic version, then this is the kit for you. A hydraulic accessory belt tensioner is more reliable than the mechanical version, and can help avoid premature belt failure in your BMW E60 5 series vehicle.

BMW Bluetooth TCU Bluetooth Kits USA cars ONLY

Hydraulic belt tensioner optional — Do you already have a hydraulic belt tensioner installed on your vehicle? You can still use this article to replace it. Please note — the hydraulic tensioner does not come with a new pulley…you must purchase it separately.We fix bluetooth TCU modules regardless of the fault. Please see below all the relevant information on the TCU bluetooth repair process.

See all our customer reviews. Virgin Islands U.

Telematic Control Unit (US): E60, E61, E63, E64, E70, E90, E91, E92, E93

I have read and I accept your Privacy Policy. Water infiltration: If you open up the metal case of your TCU bluetooth, you can see oxidation of the mainboard. TCU water damage can be repaired.

For an exact quote, please send us clearly focused images see the form on this page. Either the Bluetooth menu is not available or phones cannot conenct to the bluetooth module. Prevents proper functioning of the CCC iDrive head unit. A faulty TCU bluetooth is known to make the iDrive navigation freeze, execute user command with a delay, not respond to commands, it interrupts the navigation voice or the radio sound or it makes the iDrive controller spin freely.

bmw e60 tcu replacement

Download, fill in and send us the the form from this link You only need to send in your TCU bluetooth module. Your TCU bluetooth should be located in the trunk of your car. Non-EU residents, please read here.

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Shipping rates to non-EU destinations. Parcels coming from outside the European Union are subject to customs procedureswhich last business days.

For higher stated product values, the VAT fee will be added to the total cost. Please contact us for exact shipping details before sending your unit from a non-EU location. PayPal or International Bank Transfer. You get 1 year warranty and a repair service at a fraction of the cost charged by the dealer. We serve customers worldwide!What is BMW Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a new function of the latest cellular phones that allows you to wirelessly connect your cellular phone to other accessories such as a laptop or wireless headset.

BMW's Bluetooth system takes advantage of this functionality to allow you to use your standard Bluetooth enabled phone in your BMW providing safe hands-fee operation while driving, plus some additional features such as voice control of your cellular phone and navigation system if equipped.

The nice thing about Bluetooth is you do not need to physically connect your cellular phone to your BMW. You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still use all of the functions. With the BMW Bluetooth system you can use the BMW steering wheel and radio controls to navigate your cellular phone phonebook, dial numbers, increase volume, ect.

We do not sell navcoder, but see the link above for information The system operates just as your BMW factory installed phone would operate with the added benefit of Bluetooth. In order to use A2DP this applications must be turned on and off on the telephone itself to enable the music over bluetooth function in your BMW.

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Music over Bluetooth is not officially supported by BMWs before Models, so please note these limitations and manual control of the Music over bluetooth function from your smart phone.

At this time we are only aware of a few different applications for music over bluetooth, but can not guarantee full support. Search Home Expand menu Collapse menu. Products Expand menu Collapse menu. How To Guides Expand menu Collapse menu. Phone System Currently installed yes - would like to order trim piece No trim piece required with kit.

Add to Cart. This bluetooth kit is designed to be a plug and play upgrade for your BMW with bluetooth phone support. Each kit is specific to the build date of your car and phone system prewiring, so please select the proper information below for us to get you the correct kit for your specific car.

Pairing is done when the ignition is turned on which is activated within the first seconds.

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If you have a BMW phone system now we offer a blank tray trim piece to replace the phone eject box in the center console. However, there are two options to address this limitation. BMWs equipped with the CPT silver flip phone typically are equipped with the SES voice control module You can verify by pressing and holding the face button and saying the command "Help". It should return, "help is available for phone, navigation, notepad We do not have any other kits than the ones listed below based on this TCU If you would prefer to have full voice control of your phone, navigation and notepad as well as support for the BMW snap in adapters please find the standard Bluetooth kit that uses the latest version ULF module.

It will automatically be in pairing mode for the 2 minutes after it is started. Step 2 Go to the connections menu in your Bluetooth enabled phone and select "search for devices" Step 3 You should see an ID appear on your phone that starts with BMW. Select this device ID. Step 4 Enter the passkey. There are three copies of this sticker and one can be pealed off and stuck in the front page of your cars owners manual. The Passkey is labeled as PK on the sticker.

Once prompted you will only have 20 seconds to complete the task. Step 5 Now check the radio display. It should indicate that the pairing process was successful. At this point your data will be downloaded into the cars system.My blower motor first started acting up on an unseasonably hot and humid South Florida day in February.

When your car stops blowing air through the vents, most likely either the blower regulator or the blower motor has gone bad. It is best practice to go ahead and replace them both.

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Please be aware there are posts and other articles out there that say you need to remove the entire center console and disassemble both under dash trims to perform a blower motor replacement on an E60 BMW.

This is not necessary for a blower motor replacement, and doing so is a waste of time. We will show you the quickest way to get the job done without taking unnecessary steps. Cheap aftermarket units do not last! Blower regulator final stage optional — We list this part as optional, but it is strongly recommended that a fresh regulator is always installed with a new blower motor.

A new blower regulator is cheap insurance against losing the ability to change your fan speeds after installing a new motor. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself!

BMW TCU Bluetooth Repair

The Level of Difficulty displays graphically how challenging the repair is, from beginner to expert. Beginner repairs usually require very few tools, have short repair times and are simple to complete for even the most novice of mechanics.

bmw e60 tcu replacement

As the difficulty level rises expect the repair to demand more time, use more specialized tools, and require a better understanding of mechanics to complete the job. The Repair Cost graphically displays approximately how expensive the repair will be to perform. Please note that these cost estimates are approximate and can fluctuate based on brand preferences and manufacturer.

BMW E Repair Summary The following article gives detailed instructions on replacing the air conditioning blower motor on a BMW E60 5 series car. Even though we have used a BMW i to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any BMW E60 5 series vehicle with minor modifications.

For more information on affiliate linksplease click here. Blower motor — Mahle Behr Blower regulator — Genuine BMW T20 torx bit. Socket extensions. Trim removal tool kit — plastic.

Screwdriver — flat blade. Screwdriver — phillips. Flashlight — small. Metal pick.

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All rights reserved. BMW E60 i M54 2.Your BMW Mulf will be repaired and also restored to the latest firmware which enhances the functionality as well as working better with most newer smart phones. Your unit will be repaired, fully tested and firmware updated and coded to work with your vehicle.

These are just a few part numbers that can be repaired, we are always adding more part numbers, so long as your MULF looks the same as in the photos then we will be able to fix it. Carefully remove your unit from your vehicle. If you are not sure then please contact your local garage or google for removal instructions. Complete transaction and print a purchase receipt and send it along with your item to our workshop address. Securely pack your item.

Once we have received your unit we will inspect and repair your unit and after thorough testing we post back to you. Revtronic Ltd is a UK based company, all our repair work is carried out in house, a full VAT receipt is given, we offer full guarantee on all our repairs. Told how to find unit in the boot. Confirmed receipt on Friday. Fixed and returned by Tuesday.

Reinstalled unit and re-connected mobile through bluetooth — all working properly again. Highly recommended for professional service. After not being able to use my Bluetooth phone I came across revtronic on the internet and gave them a call.

I would not hesitate to have work carried out by these guys they know their stuff. Again thank u. You must be logged in to post a review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Rated 5 out of 5. Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review.I'm looking for some help. So I bought and fitted a new one second hand and went to someone to have it programmed.

I am still try to find where the problem is. I have a red light on the cable that goes to the TCU. The cable attached to the plastic plate to the side of glovebox does not have a red light, and also the CD changer cable does not have a red light blue arrows on the atatched photo.

After wiring up some additional 12v sockets in the rear, and adding a 3rd party bluetooth audio device, I'm also getting the SOS error. Here's a video showing where the MOST connector is it is fairly well hidden as you will see.

Thanks for sharing the video. This is one of the connectors that I have already checked. Unfortunately, no red light. The optics are in pairs. To help diagnose if you find where the light is missing, you can shine a torch down the end, you will see the light at the other end. The procedure is easy, the trickiest part if the crazy angles you need to bend yourself into in order to see what is happening.

I will spend some time on it this weekend and let you know the outcome. Fingers crossed there isn't a break buried somewhere in the loop! Also check you're not still using Opal Fruits. Like the lad in the video you need to be using the updated Starburst.

BMW E60 Tensioner Pulley Replacement – 2004-2010 5 Series – M54 6 Cylinder

Opal Fruits aren't really compatible with the later systems. I'd have a feeling it is the MULF tha is creating the break. Could this be a break in the optic on its return to the mask?

Sounds like it to me. Can you bypass the mulf and see if you get a full optic loop? I can try. I'm not sure how to do this though. Is it a case of shining a light down the same cable and checking the mask cable? Dammit, stop forgetting to reply, I was happily reading this as I have a car coming in with various fault.

Most loop is being ordered, thanks for the link Dotcom You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here.

bmw e60 tcu replacement

Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 17, edited. Having been through the forums, and this was the closest discussion I could find I have partly taken the glove box out to check for any other easy to access cables.Finally, after years of development, our team has released a full coverage of the F-Series and we are currently working on the new G-Series. Finally, we are now offering tuning for your F-series without the need of opening your DME.

So far everything work great. However the other problems vehicle had such as not turning all the accessories off after turning car off and removing fob are all functioning correctly now.

Thank you RPM Motorsports. Quick turn around and constant communication! Well worth it if you only have one key like I did How much easier can it get for us. These guys are excellent at what they do from the time you ship them the part and the turn around time getting it back. As always thanks to everyone at RPM.

Ordering was quick and easy. Shipping was fast. DME module was plug and play and got the mini up and running. Could not be happier.

Ivreg2 bw

Had a checksum error that rendered my ci un-driveable when temps fell below 60F. Hemmed and hawed about it, looked at some cheap and not so cheap eBay options. Car runs like a top no matter the conditions! If only all BMW repairs were so easy. Sent them my non functioning aws along with my computer and they repaired it and Made me an extra key.

The used DME worked as promised, they were great to deal with. Very helpful. Did not have to buy a new one from the Stealership. The only complaint I have, a Canadian business in Canada, priced in US dollars, that bothers me as a Canadian dealing with a Canadian company.

I have to give big thanks to Jeff in CS. I've had my DME go bad, but still drivable. Got the DME but had issues with starting the car.